Soluble oil filtration

Machine name: soluble oil filtration (metalworking fluid)

 Fulad machin soluble oil filtration Schematic map
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Metalworking liquids wasting decrease and cooling to 80% rage
Cold rolled steel mold life because of oxides rate and hard material from process and manufactured produce quality increasing
Environment protector because of metalworking liquid arranging as special residue like national and international approvals (stability convention about special residue which Islamic republic had signature)
Eases about collect and clean workplace and related machines
Reduce the time of doing mentioned cases so increase in efficiency
If there is impurity ( swarf , Iron oxide with rusting , mud and soil ) in operating time sludge molds can be mentioned) during produce operating problem causing in induction wielding and cooling .
This device make use for soapy water impurity separating and in cold rolling factories series masonry and etc. which soapy water is used in them base of device working is in separating impurity of liquid .use purification circulating soapy water in outfit or in each industrial machine which works for cooling metalworking liquids or easy working of any resulted sludge in process.
Needed space to install 2.5 m in addition 2.8 * 1.8 m space to install deposit with this capacity space to deposit  it should mentioned that if it is needed to high deposit space it`s blade will increase .
Ability of metalworking liquids purification by 2000 lit/h nominal