Overhead Cranes

Machine name: OVERHEAD CRANE


Features :
Used steel material is from ST and it is the most desirable and the best steel kind in Iran .hoisting unit is one of the famous brands in the world PODEM—DEMAG
Remote control unit
System and remote controller for all motion directions
Puller cables with steely kernel with minimum rebound property and a high grade kind.
Boosted and rigged by internal pages
Application :
This device is for returning and spinning entered roll into factories from scalloped mode to standing ( change mode from vertical to horizontal) which in many terms do this with overhead cranes is hard and cause event
Specification :
Mono-bridge: hoisting unit capacity until 5 ton
Double-bridge: hoisting unit capacity until 20 ton
اhoisting unit kind and brand in buyer prefer
Alarming in work time
Install standard bridge
Install load cell to control weight