Construction and Manufacturing

 Fulad machin sahand company in way of roll forming localization advanced industry technology with using specialty , experiment , NC & CNC machines and up to date software and also observance of all industrial standards can have an effective step in our precious county s industry.

It should be mentioned that in SAHAND Machine steel company in addition of roll forming industry machines design and produce has recorded honor of the golden leaf discs in designing special machines field and always efforts greedily toward to increase productions quality level which is show company s ascendant activities and succeed to obtain ISO 9001 certificate from TUV Germany company in international standard quality management field.
We hope that also because of producing acceptable products for industrial society of country in Construction and component produce and machinery as other services and activities we have double effort and trying and as we can have an important step to speed up developing and industrial and scientific advances and a step for employment and industrial promote however small for our dear country.